Saturday, September 30, 2006

Finally Finished

I am so happy I am done with these socks. But I need to start another pair. Definitely with the Magic Loop method. It is so much fun to do. I must make more socks!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Haven't posted lately......

I am so busy with the kids. I am homeschooling this year again. So I have been ordering curriculum online the whole month of August. I have 1st, 4th, and 8th to teach this year. I am also finishing any curriculum that I have left. I need to review math and english with all of my three kids. Boy I feel like a my brain is busting with all this information that I have to cover. But I feel that once I get organized I will be okay. I need to get a new computer table and a book shelf. I also need a table to be able to do the school work. I picked out a space in my living room that I can put all this stuff and make it a comfortable working space for me and the kids. Just have to get it together.

All in all, I have finished some knitting & crochet projects that I had laying around in my basket.

I knitted this bag on circulars. It was quick and easy. But, I think I need to go to a different level, I need some challenge in my knitting. I am going to start reviewing all the techniques and learn some new ones. And try some new and different patterns.

Here are some winter booties I finished. I found this pattern in the Jan or Feb issue of Crochet but I lost it, so I had to count stitches and so forth to be able to do the second one. I actually had my feet in the air for this pic.

I am going to make some for my kids. I know it gets cold in Egypt during the winter time. And I really don't know why I neglected these booties but I am glad I finished them. I recently bought the Mason Dixon knitting book. I can't wait check out these patterns that everyone has been raving about. I want to do some new things. I would like to try to knit a sweater. I am nervous about taking this task. I see so many knitters making sweaters. I just have to try to make one. I figure I should make one for my youngest son. I just don't like to block items. But that is so stupid. You have to block, or else it won't come out right. So I have to get over it. Only two things that I have to finish. I have a 2nd sock on circular needles I am fighting to finish. I just have the toe left. I want to start another pair, but with two circular needles. I also have a shawl. I just have to take the time to knit and finish before I start new projects. But I have to think homeschooling, homeschooling, homeschooling.