Sunday, January 02, 2011

I went loca……

Yes, I became crazy.  I bought some new knitting and crocheting books, but no yarn.  How silly I am.  I need to save some money specifically for some yarn.  I can’t wait to get the books  by mail.  Just receiving a package is a big deal.  I never received mail in Egypt.  I would probably have received a letter after 3 months.  Anyway, they had a big sale on Crafter’s Choice  Book Club, any book for $10.99.  Compared with Amazon and found out that CC had better prices.  I also checked the reviews to make sure they were worth the price. After these no more ordering anymore (yeah right). Selling some books that I never used would be a good idea to make some money to buy yarn.  I am probably going to sell them in stacks of 3 or 4 on Ebay. 

Right now I am trying to finish some squares for the charity project that we are making  at the Parkchester Knitting Circle.  So far we have one full size blanket and one baby blanket.  We have enough for one more.  It amazing how everyone made 10 squares and we were able to make something so beautiful. 



Large blanket


Baby blanket

I was excited to point out the squares that I made.  This week I will be handing in the last few squares left and some wrist warmers that I made with extra yarn.  Maybe when this project is finished I can get back to my son’s sweater.