Sunday, October 24, 2010

Knitting my first sweater………….

After joining the Parkchester Knitting Circle I decided on another project.  I was encouraged by a fellow knitter who has made many sweaters to knit one. Knitting my first sweater.  I thought to myself for who?  My youngest son Ismaeel.  Why?  So that way I can have a finished product quickly.  Am I being lazy?  Of course not.  I am just trying to go over that hill of sweater making.  I feel as though after this task is done then I can have the confidence to make another one and another and another.  I really love being a part of the knitting circle.  Its like a small family getting together and doing what we love.  Everyone brings there projects, notions and newly bought books and patterns.  Sometimes in big bags or shopping carts.  I think that’s cool.

We are all going to crochet and knit an afghan for a charity.  What a wonderful idea.  I always wanted to be part of something like this.  We start the squares this week on Thursday.  I have to think about which special stitches I will use to make it looks nice.

Here is a pic of my messy knitting bag with some small projects and  my Handy Book of Sweater Patterns Book.  This is a book I left in New York when I went to Egypt.  What was I thinking?  Also I took a pic of the sweater I am making for my son.  I think it’s coming along well.  I am using two circular Harmony Wooden Needles to knit two pieces at the same time.  My fellow knitter showed me how to do it.  I am so thankful.






We put the boys school.  How did this happen? It was not easy to make a decision like this, but my hubby felt strongly about it.  As far as socialization goes, my kids are veterans.  The schools now require a lot of writing. Even Ismaeel is writing stories everyday.  Writing  has been the struggle everyday since school started.  Ibraheem has to get used to writing everyday or he will miss out on special trips.  So its time to put that pencil on that paper and get creative.  I bought the series “Adventures in Literacy” years ago.  I didn’t realize how good they were.  I brought it with me from my mothers basement.  I need to go back and get the other three books.  We started with the title “Adventure Stories”".  It has a whole page of words that you would find in a rainforest and other writing ideas.  It has been hard for all of us because I have  to help him and push him to get it done.  15 minutes of free writing can be hours for him.  I woke him up at 7 and its almost 12pm and we are still here at the table and I am still pushing him to finish.  I am hoping inshallah that this will get easier with time.  I still have to get some school supplies.  My head is starting to thump.  Headache, you better come back later.  I have no time to deal with you right now.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My finished shawl, it really is about time…..

Deep in the bins in my mothers basement was an unfinished shawl.  I think I had almost  2 panels done.  The yarn was Bernat in jewel tones.  Why did I leave it?  I don’t know.  I already sold a lot of yarn on Ebay that I didn’t want.  They were really old projects leftovers but the yarn was like I just put it away.  I was happy to get rid of it.  I made a huge effort in the past week to finish it.  I am so happy I did and its for me!  By the way its 1:34 am and I am suffering from these really bad menstrual cramps, unbelievable.  I am about to pop two Panadol right now before uploading the pic of my shawl.  What am I writing this?