Thursday, September 23, 2010

Still in NYC

I thought I would be in Egypt by now.   I am missing that which I have gotten used too.  The masjids, the people, the adhans at prayer times.  I miss opening my balcony doors and feeling that warm air come in.  I miss trying to speak Arabic, which I hope I didn’t forget the little I know.  I miss my neighbor.  Although I don’t know how long I will staying there, but I am hoping to get back and finish our purpose there.

I finally picked up my crochet hook and said the heck with it.  I am stealing this time.  Leave me alone with a good show from Animal Planet, Create, Discovery and I am good to go.  I am making a shawl.  This was a shawl I started 4 years ago and left it in a plastic bin in my mothers basement.  It was neatly stashed away in a ziploc baggie.  How wonderful.  It looked like I just put it in there the day before.  I am determined to finish it.  Among other things, a pair of socks that I brought with me half way done.

I love the libraries in NY.  I go to the library in the Bronx all the time with my kids. We even homeschool in the library four times a week.  Wow, I haven’t seen so many books in a long time, old, current and new.  Why buy when you can borrow?

I went to Barnes & Nobles about 2 weeks ago and that surely was a treat.  I had to nearly drag myself out.  Didn’t want to go .  Kept on seeing books I wanted to look at.  I purchased a book on drawing, oragami and the latest Betty Crocker Cookbook.  I have one in Egypt. It is soooo used.  Sheets have stains, and show signs of  lots and lots of use.  Sooo, I needed a new one.  I would like to buy myself a book holder so I can have it sitting up and plus its easier to read. 

I want to get myself a cd player so I can put it in my kitchen.  I have so many tapes and cds but the radios in Egypt are crappy and break easily.  I have started filling up a tote bag of seasons and things I want to take with me to Egypt.  I have some new seasonings, sazon(of course), crystal light, and other little goodies. 

Hope I get to finish my shawl so I can post my picks.