Sunday, October 02, 2011

I made a loom caddy.....

I have a very small space where I try to organize my stuff. My looms are just laying around and not protected. I am constantly standing them up or laying them on my bed and yelling so no one steps on my looms. So finally, finally.... I made a loom caddy with some thrifty material that I bought from the the good will store and my sons old pants. It came out pretty good, but its soo long. My longest loom is 36 inches. I made it wide enough to put pattern books and also a working project with yarn. Not bad. The only thing I need to do now is a strap. I haven't figured that out yet.
I purchased a KB sock loom. Its so cute and tiny. The truth is I already know how to knit and crochet socks, even on the Knifty Knitter. So why did I get one? Because I just wanted to learn another technique. Some ladies from the Knitting and Crochet club bought one, so we are going to do it together. I am going to make a little bag for it from my leftover fabric from the loom caddy because it didn't come with a case. Now I have to purchase sock yarn. I have to check out what KnitPicks has. I left all my sock yarn in Egypt. Sometimes I wish I was in Egypt. I really do miss it. That beautiful Mediterranean ocean. I am thinking of it right now......and when I open my eyes I am still in the Bronx.
This is a pic of an amazing apple pie that Sumi and I made. It was was delicious and it was huge! Who said apple pie had to be round?