Saturday, February 24, 2007

Finished these, finally.

The kids have been going to bed at eight. Now I have a nice block (4 hours) to do many things. I have finished my daughters socks in two knitting nights. So I am going to use these circulars to start knitting my second sock. I can't figure out how to knit two socks on two circular needles. I have downloaded some directions on these. But I can't visually see it. I am confused about it. So until then I will knit two separate socks on two separate needles so I won't have to go through this second sock syndrome. Always, always happens to me. I can knit up a sock quickly, but the second sock................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Here is a pic of them, sumi calls them "Candy Socks". I goofed up. I uploaded a blurry pic, seems I don't know how to delete it. Oh well.
I really loved knitting socks with the Magic Loop Method. It so nice and easy. I can't believe that I can actually turn a heel with no problem. I am amazed everytime I do it. I discovered that I was grafting the toe wrong. So I took the first sock and redid the toe. I feel cuckoo. I did it to my husband's too. LOL.
I knitted slippers with my small knittingloom a while ago. I was kind of afraid to make a heel, so I made it tubular. They came out pretty good, but they are always slipping down. (Maybe bc it doesn't have a heel lady". I was thinking of frogging half of it and making a heel. I can just put the loops back on the loom and proceed to make a heel, that way they will have a good fit. I am going to try it out on my knitting night.
Too bad I can't find any knitting partners close to me in Egypt. I feel like a lonely knitter.

Monday, February 19, 2007

My mommy sent me this from America!

When my hubby came from the US he brought lots of gifts. But one thing that brought me home to the Island of Puerto Rico was my moms gift. Of course its food related. Food is a big deal in my family. But his brings me back to the times that I used to sit with my grandmother and grandfather and have a cup of coffe. Cortez chocolate bar is used for hot chocolate. What does this having to do with knitting? Everthing. Its part of my regime for relaxing. I am going to start tonight and see how is goes. Here is a little pic of the goodies.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

I need to knit, I need a brake, I need to relax

I would like to make this with denim yarn. The pattern is on Loomlaura blog. It really cute and simple.
Yes, I finally thought I would never say this, but I need a brake. Everytime I am doing something whether cooking, cleaning, homeschooling and all the other stuff that mommies do. I look in my room and I see my knitting basket. With fresh new yarn. New books. New stuff. Oh boy. I wish I can just knit away right now. But I can't. As soon as I pick up my needles I feel relaxed. No one can bother me at this time. Focusing on my stitchs and looking at looming videos on Isela's blog. I like to check out what everybody else is doing. What yarn are they using, what color? I need to make more time for myself. I been putting the kids to bed at 8:00pm. That is a start. If I can knit for at least 3 hours I would be able to accomplish many projects that I am aching to finish and start. Need to give myself 1 hour for my blog and checkout other cool knitting, crocheting, looming U name it blog! I need to check out this big yarn shop here in Egypt. People had said that they have nice stuff, I hope so. I am so stressed because I have not knitted, really knitted in a while. The stress is building, but its 2:00 am. I have to go to sleep and wake up early. So, maybe I can start tomorrow with my plan. As soon as I start I will be more relaxed the next day. I need to knit, DARNIT! Can anyone understand that? Is anyone listening? Nobody here does, so I have to make it work for myself. I am so pissed off. I am going to bed, and not being able to knit is upsetting. Am I being too much? Its just too late. Goodnight!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Some gifts from my hubby!

We can't wait to try Amigurumi. I have been on Flicker website and everyone is crocheting them like crazy. This is sure going to be a treat for my family.

I wanted these books so bad. Can't wait to make myself some dishclothes and maybe.... a sweater. Some new looms came my way. Sooo in love with these little looms. I made sure he bought me two so no one will fight over them. Can't wait to get started. I am so hooked on loom knitting and learning new stitches, it so much fun.

I have some new sock yarn from Knitpicks. So cozy. I had to immediately cast on stitches for a sock for "me". This yarn is so soft and nice, I can't wait to put my foot in it. This is my first time ordering merino wool and I never knew it was so soft. I have plenty of socks to knit. I promised my hubby 2 pairs.