Monday, November 20, 2006

Finished my fuzzy slippers

I am so glad I finished these. They are so warm and cuddly.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

My feet are freezing! Time to make a few slippers.

Now its getting cold in Egypt at night. The funny thing is, its colder in your house than outside. I have to get some heaters. I decided to quickly crochet some slippers using the Easy Tunasian Crochet Hook size M-13. Oh boy, they crochet such a warm slipper. My friend thought it was an animal and named it Hedgehog. So this is my hedgehog slipper. I have one more to make and they feel so warm and fuzzy. Easy pattern, ch 42, and proceed with the basic tunasian stitch(afghan stitch). I crocheted 21 rows. Folded it in half and slip stitched the back of the heel and the from the middle of the slipper until the toes and then I grafted the stiches and pulled to make the toe round. And thats it. This slipper would fit 8 1/2-10 us womens size.I am thinking of picking up stitches around the opening and make a k2p2 rib around for a tight snug.