Monday, December 01, 2008

Teaching my friends,

I introduced loomknitting to one of my friends and she has finally completed a project, yay! She made a pair of tube socks using the knit stitch on the yellow "In the attic looms". It's a perfect time when these tile floors are very cold. I posted a little pic. I also met a new friend from Spain, and guess what? She can knit! I am so happy!
I am making a hat to match my jacket on the kk yellow long loom. I have a little complaint. It seems that the pick that comes with the kk looms are not as sturdy as I like them to be, they bend. So if I am using double yarn I have to knit loose so that way it can be easy to make a stitch. I don't want to fight my way to make the hat. I found that the In the Attic pics are very sturdy and work very well with their looms. I tried to use them with the kk looms and it seems as though its a tiny bigger than the kk pic. Anyway, I am dealing with it. I am really interested in buying this new item from provocraft that brings a handle and different crochet hook sizes and even a pic. But I can also make and bake a big handle just like it out of polymer clay. I really don't need any extra crochet hooks. Did I mentioned I was stressed? I am so thankful for knitting, looms, hooks, pattern books and all these cool notions. Blogging is really cool, even though no one reads mine, this is a fun way to release stress and talk to myself.