Thursday, March 18, 2010

My heart is sad.

Our kitten Ginger has passed away today.  I don’t know exactly what happened.  We found her in front of our building.  I am so sad and I am going to miss her dearly.  I wrapped her in a cloth and tied her well with yarn.  We buried her in an area deep by the train tracks where no one would disturb her.  I don’t think I can have another cat, especially living in this tall building.  So I will just stick to my turtle and my lovebirds for now.  I am happy to say that we loved her while she was with us.  I am thankful to Allah to have her as a companion.  She was fun and feisty and full of life.  She will continue to live on now in a better place.  We love you Ginger and we will miss you so much.