Monday, April 30, 2007

Time to do homework.....

It 9:01pm. I still have not done my homework. Now, after this post I have to practice verbs, nouns and plurals and write some sentences in arabic. I did have a little conversation in arabic, it was really bad but the teacher said it was good. "Asanti, Asanti" she said to me. I passed my first quiz with 20 out of 22 which was good. My brain is saying to me, "What are you doing to me, don't you know you are getting older, school is over for you." I really want to do this! So I am practicing everyday all my notes and if I don't I will forget. I wish I can play hooky and stay home, but that its. I already paid my "nuqood" money! Its know 9:58pm. I just got off the phone with a friend that said her daughter had a rash and not feeling well. So now, I will not answer the phone and I am going to kick the girls out of my room. I have to do homework. I am thinking of when can I get back to my knitting? Friday. No school Friday. I think this will be my day. It will have to be my day. Maybe after I clean my house. Anyone listened to the podcast on Knitpicks? I already downloaded it to my computer to listen maybe tomorrow.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I am so tired tonite...

This is a photo I found on the internet. I really wish I knew who made it, because I love it. Maybe I am going to have to study it and make a pattern close to it. Its so cute!
Today was a very challenging day for me. My daughter and hubby were really excited today about there first day. Its a 3 hour morning class. I am not a morning person unless I have to be. And that's how its been since the kids started school. But I did miss that moment of relaxing as soon as they left, no way. We had 30 minutes left to catch the bus for class.
I had a good class today. I learned about 15 new words. And get this, the teacher said no english tomorrow. So now I can't talk english. That is really going to be hard for me. While in class I had a moment. A special one while she was talking I drifted into a thought of how I wish I was relaxing and knitting at home. Goodnesss, I had to wake up and catch up with the teacher before I get left behind.
I went to sleep for 2 hours when I came home. Woke up to the kids coming home from school at 3:30. Aghhhhh! Cleaned, cooked, sat and did hw with the kids, yelled a little, cleaned some more, did my hw then put the little rascals to bed at 8 pm. Where did all the time go? And now its 11:16pm. I didn't even get any of the dinner I cooked. So I had to clean the kitchen again(my daughter sneakly went to bed, it was her turn tonight) and now I am eating. What a shame. I only heated up a little bit because my stomach was growling and I don't want to get a stomach ache. I am going to bed, now! I really wish my neighbor upstairs can put those kids to bed. They are still up and crying. My kids went to bed at 8pm.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Going to school tomorrow!

Well, tomorrow is my first day at Durat-al-Bayan. Its an arabic institute in Nasr City close to my place. I am excited to go. Plus I am going with my husband and daughter. We have to take a 30 bus ride and hop in a taxi the rest of the way. The fee is 1.75(1 le(pound) & 75 piestres) for the bus ride and about 4 LE for the taxi which in total would be no more than 1 us dollar , the price of a public phone fee in the US. Anyway, like the neat freak I am I set out my bookbag and notebook. Make sure I have a pencil sharpener, pencils and an eraser. Okay, I know I sound corny. But hey, I am going to school after 12 years! It's going to be hard too, learning another language. But I am sure we will give it our best shot and study really hard. My sister learned German in one semester in college, so if she can do it so can I(we too!).

No pics today. I did knitting though. I went to the Nadi sports club here in Al-Rehab city. Oh gosh it was so beautiful. The kids loved it and they had so much fun in the playground. I was knitting and talking to my friend Debbie at the same time. Knitting that little log cabin "I don't know what it is" piece. I will think of something.

I did check out that Isela recommended. Boy did I love the new set up. They have a cool "knitting room" which I hope they will have tutorial videos soon! At the same time I shopped for some yarn to increase my boring, pittiful stash. I am just going to be so busy with school, lets see what happens.
I leave you with a little pic of the "Coqui". A tiny little frog only found in Puerto Rico. It starts singing its {Co-qui, Co-qui) evertime the suns goes down. Its truly amazing. I am tired, gotta go to school tomorrow. Adios!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Dust is in town

I hate Dust storms. Dust comes into your home from every single little space. I have been hearing the howling of the wind since early this morning. I walk on my floors and they feel gritty. Even I can smell the dust and it get in my mouth too, yuck. For those that never seen a dust storm(and this one is small). You can hardly see the mosque! Check out the before and after pic I posted. Good thing I hung my laundry inside. The last time I had to rewash everything. What a headache!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

My girls baked cookies today! Yummy!

My girls have been invited to a picnic today with their other girlfriends in the garden gazebo. They had their mind set on making arabic cookies. I got the recipe from We have a special book named "Ramadan Recipes", where we collected all of our favorite recipes all the way down to my mom's abena(cream of wheat and oatmeal)recipes. They got up early this morning and began making the dough. I have to tell you my family are not bakers of pies, cookies and bread. But I have worked hard these years trying to make baking part of our family. I believe this is just the beginning. The made the most tastiest cookie ever. And I am so proud of them. Here is a little pic of there cookies. I ran to the kitchen to take a pic before they went out to their picnic.

Monday, April 02, 2007

One year in Egypt

It has been one year on March 30 that I have been in Egypt with my family. I love it here. I have still yet to visit the pyramids, but I did get to stroll in the Museum of Egypt. I am planning on taking my children there soon. Maybe when my mom comes in August. Oh yes, news flash. My mommy is coming in August. I can't wait and the children are excited.

I went to the museum when I needed to renew the visas in Cairo. My arabic tutor Gueda took me there. Whew, what a day. As soon as we entered the museum I saw the Rosetta Stone. I thought that was so awesome. It is a stone that was found in the early 1900's that was inscribed with 3 types of writing. One was old arabic script, greek and egyptian heiroglyphics. I beleive this was the brake that was needed to be able to decode the egyptian heiroglyphics. It was a nice size slab of stone encased in glass. I could not believe how much stuff was in that museum. You would have to go early in the morning to be able to look at everything and still needed one more day to see everything. Since the pharoahs were buried with almost everything they owned, mostly everything was preserved very well. Down to what they wore. I have to, have to take pics the next time I go. I found this really cool website . If you click on the post title it will take you to the site too. The oil painting of the pryamids that I uploaded is from this site. It has cool games, screensavers and history of ancient Egypt. Check it out! Anyway, Happy Anniversay to me!