Monday, April 30, 2007

Time to do homework.....

It 9:01pm. I still have not done my homework. Now, after this post I have to practice verbs, nouns and plurals and write some sentences in arabic. I did have a little conversation in arabic, it was really bad but the teacher said it was good. "Asanti, Asanti" she said to me. I passed my first quiz with 20 out of 22 which was good. My brain is saying to me, "What are you doing to me, don't you know you are getting older, school is over for you." I really want to do this! So I am practicing everyday all my notes and if I don't I will forget. I wish I can play hooky and stay home, but that its. I already paid my "nuqood" money! Its know 9:58pm. I just got off the phone with a friend that said her daughter had a rash and not feeling well. So now, I will not answer the phone and I am going to kick the girls out of my room. I have to do homework. I am thinking of when can I get back to my knitting? Friday. No school Friday. I think this will be my day. It will have to be my day. Maybe after I clean my house. Anyone listened to the podcast on Knitpicks? I already downloaded it to my computer to listen maybe tomorrow.

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