Monday, May 07, 2007

New Looms in the mail! Candy too!

Finally after a month we finally received the package that was held up in customs. For some reason I cannot understand why they would hold up looms, candy and homeopathic medicine. I was so frustrated with Fed Ex in Egypt it was so annoying. My sweet friend sent me 2 bags of M&Ms, 2 multi-packs of Butterfinger and Reeses peanut butter cups. Not to mention that I had to put them in the freezer immediately because we definitely want them to melt in out mouth not in our hands. It was just 101 degrees yesterday. One would say, "Why in the heck did you get candy?". It just taste better than the egyptian brand. The closest I got to the American tasty chocolate is Cadbury. They sell here big time.

In additon to the candy I got my glow in the dark looms from "In the Attic". They are so cute. I ordered extra pic tools so my kids won't have to fight me for them. My daughter said that they were glowing in the kitchen last night. I am going to try to knit a flat piece on the round loom. This is something I have not tried yet, but I know everyone already has. Bought myself a cool printer so I can print the free patterns that are available on the net. I just hate writing down patterns, I am so lazy sometimes!
I am home today because my little guy "Ibraheem" is not feeling so well. So I have to take him to his Doctor. He had fever and was vomiting yesterday. He told me this morning his throat hurts. So I kept him home. So worried that he might get even more sick in school.
So my first test will be tomorrow and it will determine if I am ready to go on to Level 1. My daughter Ameenah will most likely do excellent she know more than I do. LOL. Kids are like sponges, they learn so much faster that us "older people". I met a sister who finished alls the levels. She has been in Egypt for about a year and going back home to Michigan.
I have to go and take care of my little guy. Adios.

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