Monday, July 19, 2010

Bye Bye Habeebi & Mish Mish

I left May 12 to New York and left my birds with a friend. Apparently something happened and they both died. It could have been that it was too hot outside. No one really knows your beloved pets or even how to take care of them. I loved my little love birds. They were a gift from a friend who went back to the UK. They filled my days with beautiful chirps and songs. Even if Habeebi used to try to nibble at my finger when I would try to change his food. I am so thankful for having them for 3 years. I will miss them so much. The only pet I have left is Charlie (turtle). So far he is well and staying with a family in Maadi. I went through so much just to get him there and I am happy I did it.