Thursday, March 26, 2009

Craft Day in Maadi

A friend that lives in Maadi had a Craft Day. The sceduled events was felting and pottery. These are two things that I have never did before and I was really excited. I took my two girls and we joined other families. We made felted balls and mats. It was a lot of fun. Felting is done in a couple of steps. I think I am going to keep on practicing to get the technique right. I might have to go to the village and see if I can buy some sheep or camel wool. They also can dye it for you. She has some nice warm colors. Brown, Burnt Orange, Burgundy, Black, Beige, and White. I believe that it is easier to knit or crochet the piece and then felt. We were separating the wool and placing in on a mat all going in one direction. Then we placed it the opposite direction. My daughter made a nice square and she will use it to hang her jewlery. I am going to use my square as a book cover. When we were done felting we ate a nice lunch. Then we made our way over to Ree Fee an educational studio for the arts. Oh yes, we sat at the pottery table and made some pretty plates and baskets. We had such a wonderful time. I am definitely going again. Next time I will bring the whole family.