Saturday, April 21, 2007

Going to school tomorrow!

Well, tomorrow is my first day at Durat-al-Bayan. Its an arabic institute in Nasr City close to my place. I am excited to go. Plus I am going with my husband and daughter. We have to take a 30 bus ride and hop in a taxi the rest of the way. The fee is 1.75(1 le(pound) & 75 piestres) for the bus ride and about 4 LE for the taxi which in total would be no more than 1 us dollar , the price of a public phone fee in the US. Anyway, like the neat freak I am I set out my bookbag and notebook. Make sure I have a pencil sharpener, pencils and an eraser. Okay, I know I sound corny. But hey, I am going to school after 12 years! It's going to be hard too, learning another language. But I am sure we will give it our best shot and study really hard. My sister learned German in one semester in college, so if she can do it so can I(we too!).

No pics today. I did knitting though. I went to the Nadi sports club here in Al-Rehab city. Oh gosh it was so beautiful. The kids loved it and they had so much fun in the playground. I was knitting and talking to my friend Debbie at the same time. Knitting that little log cabin "I don't know what it is" piece. I will think of something.

I did check out that Isela recommended. Boy did I love the new set up. They have a cool "knitting room" which I hope they will have tutorial videos soon! At the same time I shopped for some yarn to increase my boring, pittiful stash. I am just going to be so busy with school, lets see what happens.
I leave you with a little pic of the "Coqui". A tiny little frog only found in Puerto Rico. It starts singing its {Co-qui, Co-qui) evertime the suns goes down. Its truly amazing. I am tired, gotta go to school tomorrow. Adios!

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LoomingLaura said...

School....Arabic, wow! That sounds fun. I'm glad you got to do some knitting! I never seem to get a longe enough stretch of time to make much progress!
Thanks for the comment on my blog, we are having a trying time deciding on cabins!