Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Dust is in town

I hate Dust storms. Dust comes into your home from every single little space. I have been hearing the howling of the wind since early this morning. I walk on my floors and they feel gritty. Even I can smell the dust and it get in my mouth too, yuck. For those that never seen a dust storm(and this one is small). You can hardly see the mosque! Check out the before and after pic I posted. Good thing I hung my laundry inside. The last time I had to rewash everything. What a headache!


LoomingLaura said...

Thanks for the felted bag comment. How terrible that dust looks! I lived in Arizona for a few years & there were little dust storm days & I hated all the grit on everything & in your food....ugghhh.... Hang in there.

Geoff & Mags said...

Hi Lee,
No duststorms here!
To answer your questions, we live on board "Seyella", she's 57 feet long and 6 feet 10 inches wide, like a long, narrow, 1 bedroomed apartment.
We have everything we need on board, including satellite TV, internet (obviously) microwave, washing machine etc.
We spend our time cruising the inland waterways in the UK, mainly constructed during the 18th century to support the Industrial Revolution. We're currently in Cheshire.
There are quite a few of us who do this and blog, do a search using google or something. The canals in the UK are fascinating, and we have quite a few overseas visitors who hire boats while they are here.