Saturday, April 14, 2007

My girls baked cookies today! Yummy!

My girls have been invited to a picnic today with their other girlfriends in the garden gazebo. They had their mind set on making arabic cookies. I got the recipe from We have a special book named "Ramadan Recipes", where we collected all of our favorite recipes all the way down to my mom's abena(cream of wheat and oatmeal)recipes. They got up early this morning and began making the dough. I have to tell you my family are not bakers of pies, cookies and bread. But I have worked hard these years trying to make baking part of our family. I believe this is just the beginning. The made the most tastiest cookie ever. And I am so proud of them. Here is a little pic of there cookies. I ran to the kitchen to take a pic before they went out to their picnic.

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