Monday, April 02, 2007

One year in Egypt

It has been one year on March 30 that I have been in Egypt with my family. I love it here. I have still yet to visit the pyramids, but I did get to stroll in the Museum of Egypt. I am planning on taking my children there soon. Maybe when my mom comes in August. Oh yes, news flash. My mommy is coming in August. I can't wait and the children are excited.

I went to the museum when I needed to renew the visas in Cairo. My arabic tutor Gueda took me there. Whew, what a day. As soon as we entered the museum I saw the Rosetta Stone. I thought that was so awesome. It is a stone that was found in the early 1900's that was inscribed with 3 types of writing. One was old arabic script, greek and egyptian heiroglyphics. I beleive this was the brake that was needed to be able to decode the egyptian heiroglyphics. It was a nice size slab of stone encased in glass. I could not believe how much stuff was in that museum. You would have to go early in the morning to be able to look at everything and still needed one more day to see everything. Since the pharoahs were buried with almost everything they owned, mostly everything was preserved very well. Down to what they wore. I have to, have to take pics the next time I go. I found this really cool website . If you click on the post title it will take you to the site too. The oil painting of the pryamids that I uploaded is from this site. It has cool games, screensavers and history of ancient Egypt. Check it out! Anyway, Happy Anniversay to me!

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