Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Some gifts from my hubby!

We can't wait to try Amigurumi. I have been on Flicker website and everyone is crocheting them like crazy. This is sure going to be a treat for my family.

I wanted these books so bad. Can't wait to make myself some dishclothes and maybe.... a sweater. Some new looms came my way. Sooo in love with these little looms. I made sure he bought me two so no one will fight over them. Can't wait to get started. I am so hooked on loom knitting and learning new stitches, it so much fun.

I have some new sock yarn from Knitpicks. So cozy. I had to immediately cast on stitches for a sock for "me". This yarn is so soft and nice, I can't wait to put my foot in it. This is my first time ordering merino wool and I never knew it was so soft. I have plenty of socks to knit. I promised my hubby 2 pairs.

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