Monday, February 19, 2007

My mommy sent me this from America!

When my hubby came from the US he brought lots of gifts. But one thing that brought me home to the Island of Puerto Rico was my moms gift. Of course its food related. Food is a big deal in my family. But his brings me back to the times that I used to sit with my grandmother and grandfather and have a cup of coffe. Cortez chocolate bar is used for hot chocolate. What does this having to do with knitting? Everthing. Its part of my regime for relaxing. I am going to start tonight and see how is goes. Here is a little pic of the goodies.

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Anonymous said...

Seeing your package brought memories back. I remember always having merienda with my abuelitos. We would have Abuelita Chocolate and warm bread from the bakery.

I hope you are able to sit down and get some knitting peace :)