Sunday, October 24, 2010

Knitting my first sweater………….

After joining the Parkchester Knitting Circle I decided on another project.  I was encouraged by a fellow knitter who has made many sweaters to knit one. Knitting my first sweater.  I thought to myself for who?  My youngest son Ismaeel.  Why?  So that way I can have a finished product quickly.  Am I being lazy?  Of course not.  I am just trying to go over that hill of sweater making.  I feel as though after this task is done then I can have the confidence to make another one and another and another.  I really love being a part of the knitting circle.  Its like a small family getting together and doing what we love.  Everyone brings there projects, notions and newly bought books and patterns.  Sometimes in big bags or shopping carts.  I think that’s cool.

We are all going to crochet and knit an afghan for a charity.  What a wonderful idea.  I always wanted to be part of something like this.  We start the squares this week on Thursday.  I have to think about which special stitches I will use to make it looks nice.

Here is a pic of my messy knitting bag with some small projects and  my Handy Book of Sweater Patterns Book.  This is a book I left in New York when I went to Egypt.  What was I thinking?  Also I took a pic of the sweater I am making for my son.  I think it’s coming along well.  I am using two circular Harmony Wooden Needles to knit two pieces at the same time.  My fellow knitter showed me how to do it.  I am so thankful.






m said...

masha Allah, sis...this is Sundus in Luxor. I didnt know you had a blog til I saw your update on my hotmail account. When are you coming back to Egypt? I also crochet...brought my needles with me and even saw a yarn shop not too far away....I may just get up and start making this new baby a inspired me! Take care!

Harun Ar said...

Looks cool especially homemade
يبدو باردا وخاصة محلية الصنع