Monday, November 08, 2010

Apple pie, yummmmy!

My hubby came home with a huge bag of Granny Smith apples for an apple pie we’ve been trying to make for a while.  Sumaiyah made the apple mixture and I made the crust.  I changed the recipe a little by adding half of whole wheat flour to the mix. I also doubled the recipe because we didn’t have a pie plate, we had a cake pan.  So can you imagine?  This pie was big and deep.  We used 14 huge Granny Smith apples.  We were up until 1:30 am waiting until the pie was finished.  It was so warm and toasty in the kitchen which is why I like to bake in the winter.  Anyway the pie was awesome.  So delicious.  I remember years ago I started baking pies and the crust wouldn’t turn out good.  It would be too watery or apples wouldn’t be cooked.  But now I can say, Man, we made an awesome pie tonight!!!  I would love to make a cherry pie. I love cherries, raspberries and blueberries.  Who said a pie has to be round?




Peanut butter Peanut butter chip cookies by Sumaiyah.  I have to say these were so yummy especially with a cup of organic fat free milk!!




Who is that little boy in that papoose?  None other than Ismaeel, my 8 yr old.  I made this blanket over 6 years ago from scrap yarn and its still around.


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