Monday, June 12, 2006

Socks in progress

Okay. Here is just one of the handful of projects I have left. I just used Red Heart Viva yarn. I need to finish just one more sock. I have made socks before but none for me. I can't wait to wear these. I was thinking of slipper bottoms. I am knitting these on circular needles. I really like this method. Its easier than dpns. But I still like using dpns. I would really like to learn how to knit with two circular needles. I have the instructions I just need to think it through. Email me pics of your socks, so I can collect them on my side bar. Thanks


I.oana said...

Sweet socks! My grandma also knits socks but yours are much more beautiful!!!

Lee said...

Thanks Ioana, These socks r going to be one of my favorites!