Sunday, June 11, 2006

Stuck with no yarn! Dag!

I relocated overseas to Egypt with my family and I am absolutely stuck with no yarn stash. I am sad, but determined to figure out how I can get my hands on some yarn. I went to the local market to check out for yarn shops. I only found one place with a few different solids colors. I wanted to scream. So, I do miss the yarn shops in New York. But what the heck I am going to do? I am thinking of heading out to the local cities to search for yarn. But I am going to need some help from the locals. I know only a little arabic, so I am hoping I can get directions on where to go. I think I will take some pics of the desert while I am traveling in the bus. In the mean time I am going to finish my handful of projects that I brought. If I can just make some time to finish them. I made these needles though. I was able to take my needlemaking materials with me, yeehah.


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