Friday, June 16, 2006

Time for a new project

Now that I am finishing my last sock. I picked out an easy project. Really because I need it. Its called the Trio Tote Bag. I love tote bags. I really like this one, its perfect for me. I can put any project that I am working on in there. I can't wait until its done. I have combined two yarns two give it a bulky look. It's a cute pattern in Pattern a day calendar 2006. Its a nice seed stitch.
On a different note. I spent some time looking and reading Blogs. Most of them were very interesting. There is so much talent out there. It is so nice that everyone can come together and share their excitement about knitting. Back in Brooklyn I didn't have people close to me that knitted. Everyone wanted me to do something for them. "Teach me how to do this" they would say. But they just didn't have the time. I feel if you really want to learn something you can. There is so much information on the internet and in the library. That all you need is to have determination and take some time out and learn. I really learned how to knit all by myself (the basics) at first. I went online and found so many websites that showed me stitch by stitch with video. I bought some stuff on eBay. And little by little with the help of the internet I learned.
I didn't realize or knew that there were so many knitting blogs. It is so much fun to read and see what people all around the world are doing. Its kind of like a community, or rather it is. But it's even better when they share your passion for knitting. In my family, I taught my two daughters how to knit and crochet. I promised them that I will put their projects on the blog. They do share my passion for knitting.
I went again to that little store in the "Suq" or market. And to my surprise they had a nice selection of yarn. It seems that they were restocking when I first came. Though they don't have much but its better than nothing. Most of the yarn is bulky because it gets cold during the winter months at night. There is no heating system here. Only AC during the summer because the temperatures reach over 100 degrees. I have to remember even though its nice here its still in the middle of the desert and it gets pretty hot!
Anyway, I am trying to add blogs as much as I can. Those that I enjoy reading. So to everyone out there. Happy Knitting & Reading. Lee

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I.oana said...

Yes, they are just like that vase. I am really glad cause you like them. I wait for you next week, so you can see what elsae I have done.