Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ramadan is almost over....

It's been a while since I posted. I have had a long summer. It was so hot this August in Egypt that I was sweating standing still. I am so glad the summer is over finally. Now its getting breezy and its still very sunny. Ramadan is almost over and it has been a very enlighting month. Mostly all my friends came back from the UK from there summer vacations and children are starting school. I have been very busy teaching people how to loom knit this past summer. The craft shops don't sell looms or any new notions. I have only seen knitting needles and crochet hooks. My husband brought me some looms that I ordered over the internet to share and give to my friends. I crocheted one poncho and a loom knitted poncho, two hats and 2 pairs of mittens for my friend from France. I have to say it was fun loom knitting. I found it effortless. I am teaching my friend how to make a flat panel on the loom and she is loving it.

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Cecilia said...

The baby poncho and hat is beautiful! I love it! Where did you get the pattern? I have a 4month old granddaughter that I would love to crochet one for. The loom? is that hard? your projects that you mention you used a loom are gorgeous. Actually everything is beautiful. I wish I could knit, and knit socks.
Thank you for sharing,