Friday, October 24, 2008

Still Loom knitting...

It has been a week that I have posted but I am still making stuff. I had the pleasure of using my KK Corker and it was fun. I loom knitted a little money bag and I corked the strap. I am going to this shop to get a cool glass button for the flap. Next I loom knitted a hat for my husband from supper scrappy scraps. It came out really nice and he is happy!
I have to check and see what yarns I have left to use. I have a half way done crocheted poncho. This is the only project I will have to purchase new yarn to finish. So I guess I will make that my last project My daughter Sumi loom knitted a little pair of mittens. I will give these to my friend's little newborn to keep his hands warm at night. She used the In The Attic thumb loom.
Finally, I decided to give the hat that was for me to my mom. I can always make myself another one. I was knitting a little scarf to go with it but I was to tired to finish it in time. I will try to see if anyone else is leaving to the US so they can put it in the mail for me. My hubby left this morning to America, I am missing him too much already. I love you sugar.

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