Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Got a sewing machine today...

I have been going to sewing classes with my friends in Zaituun. We learned how to create patterns by measuring ourselves. Really, I have been wanting to learn how to do this for such a long time. My crochet and loom knitting partner Hala told me about the classes and for 30 LE a month, its not bad, its actually awesome.

My friend Wafaa gave me a classic singer sewing machine. When I say its classic, its classic. It works pretty good too. I am so thrilled. So of course my daughters want me to teach them. I just have to wait until I get a little more skilled.

In class today we made a pattern for a skirt. Since I didn't have fabric, we used the brown paper as imaginary fabric. What we made was a nice fitted skirt. Now just imagine, the lady doesn't speak a word of english. Good thing I understood what she was saying most of the time. Its a good thing the tape measure has english numbers. LOL. She speaks the local ameyah language. Her name is Wafaa too. She is such a sweet lady.

Speaking of language. I have to go back to school and continue my learning. Really, how can anyone go to arabic school and its getting so hot out here? I tell you it was hot in Zaituun today. We went to a local fabric shop and Wafaa bought some fabric to make pajamas. I need to make some for my boys too.

Things I would love to learn how to make:
Jilbab(islamic attire)
Hijabs (islamic attire)
Tote bag (I already crocheted one, now I have to sew one)
Quilts(i love quilting_

So I googles free patterns and I got some really good websites that have so many free patterns.

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