Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Time to Crochet....

I have been wanting to make another totebag. The other one needs a lining which I am going to sew. Everything is always slipping out of it, its so annoying. This new tote I am making I am definitely going to make a lining preferably in black. There are many crochet projects that I want to make this summer. Realistically I won't be able to. But anyway here goes. One childs poncho, pair of socks, and sweater from Big Girl Knits. This book has some many beautiful patterns. I feel like I bought the book to look at it. I really need to try something new. The fact of the matter is I really don't have any yarn except sock yarn. So I am aiming for a chunky knit sweater. I am not ready for something fine knit. I don't have patience for something that takes long, call me lazy whatever. I like things that work fast. I am going to treat myself to some yarn tonight. The little shop Mona has Lion Brand yarn. Can you believe it? Wool ease. Here is a little pic of my almost tote. I have completed only the bottom. Macrame is so cheap here. I really want to get more. I think the sisters would like to have crocheted bags here. Maybe I can make a little money and sell some.

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