Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sisters Day....

I was invited to my friends house Wafaa. When I got there, my other crochet buddies were there, Hala and Maryam. I am teaching my friends how to crochet and we are having lots of fun. I did a mini class on granny squares with crochet thread and a little crochet hook. Wafaa wants to learn how to filet crochet and make doilies. Even though I know almost all the stitches I never done filet crochet. I only ever made one doily. So this is going to be new for me. As for the sock I never finished it, but hopefully before the winters comes alone. In addition to this nice day we had, Wafaa made some good food. We ended it with something tasty cake she made with coconut chocolate frosting.

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