Saturday, November 27, 2010

Knitting away…….

Well, I received my knitting board.  It’s just like they described.  The only thing it’s a little heavy, but I love it.  I already learned the stockinette stitch and yes it is nice and thick.   I want to do more designer stitches so I am going through the book step by step.  I am using the new book “Knitting Board Basics”.  I got it for a $1 when I joined Crafters Choice book club.

IMG_0366 my kb

I am doing several projects.  I have a sweater that I am trying to complete front and back panels.  I am also involved in a charity project. I have to make 10 8x8 squares to make a special afghan as a donation.  I have a pair of socks knitted half way which is really annoying.  Maybe the pattern was boring.  I think I am going to frog it and think of something else in the future to make with it. 

IMG_0358  8x8 squares

Since receiving my knitting board, I need to make a carrying case for it.  So as soon as my friend Juana gets a hot minute she will take me to the fabric store.  I want to buy some black canvas material, possibly quilted and sew up a long wide tube with a long strap.  I am thinking of a drawstring at the top.  I  joined granny squares that I had in my mom’s basement for years.  I think I can sew it onto the canvas  as a cover when I finish the bag.  So much to do and so little time. 

IMG_0360  granny square panels (2)

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