Friday, January 27, 2012

I am moving....

Well yes, it is official. I am moving to Michigan in February. I am looking foward to it and can't wait to create some new great memories. I have just told my family and a few friends. Today, I told my knitting and crochet group at the Parkchester Library. I am really going to miss them all. It has been a fun 1 year and a half. We knitting, crocheted, laughed, joked and had some nice pot luck parties. I couldn't wait till Thursday to go and relax and knit or crochet my favorite hobby. Just to name a few of the ladies. Here goes: Laura, Norma, Tonia, Susri, Ann, Dietris, Cynthia, Maria, Rosa, Taylor and a few others ladies that I haven't seen in a while. Thank you and we will keep in touch. I am going to take some pics next week and posting them here. As for projects. Oh yes, we have been busy and I mean we. My daughters got bit by the bug again. So I have some nice pics to post in the coming days. We have been loom knitting, knitting, crocheting hats like mad(because it is cold), and machine knitting too. It is so much fun when you have those in your own household that shares your passion for the Needle Arts. I am just so sad that most of my collection is in Egypt. I told my husband. Just bring back my Needle Arts supply, which is everything along with my books and my projects and just give away the clothes. LOL. Now that is sacrifice. LOL. Donate the shoes and the clothes except the knitted ponchos(had to throw that in there). He was shaking his head and laughing at the same time. Big decisions, but hey, there are lots of clothes and shoes in America. Moving right along. I have taught some of my group members how to loom knit. I am making sure that they get all the materials they need to keep on doing it. Also there is always skype! Good night bloggie, for now. Post pics tomorrow.

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