Monday, June 11, 2007

Awesome day.... forgot the camera.

The beach at Ain El Sukna was awesome. The drive was endless. I could take just one pic and it would've described the whole journey.....DESERT.....the whole 2 hours. We got there nice and early and the kids were so excited. The water was so clear and clean. We rented 5 chairs with three umbrellas and layed out all of our stuff. The air was fresh and smelled salty. I pumped air into all the beach toys and headed for the shore. The water was warm and surprisingly very mild waves almost nonexistent. It had the feel of a lake but it was the Red Sea. By the time we got home we were all asleep in the car. This morning I am still as so drained but I did have a little energy to wash the shells with my son Ibraheem. Here are the fruits of his labor.

Ameenah found this beauty on the shore! Sumaiyah's extensive shell collection washed and drying at the moment.

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