Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Make yourself a "Market Bag"

I am starting a quick little project. I don't like having so many plastic bags where I shop and throwing them out. I am going to make myself two of these so I can carry my groceries. It a fun easy project so far. I don't have any special pattern just making it up as I go. I have linked this post to the market tote for LKC e-zine. It's so cute and big. I am going to try this one too!

One of the things that I see mostly when I travel is plastic bags everywhere on the roadside in the desert. Plastic bags create so much litter because they don't decompose and they contaminate the water. I have read on Care2 website that there is a floating toxic plastic soup in the ocean the size of Texas. Bottles etc... all types of plastic. It's responsible for killing so much marine life, its horrible. A market bag would be great to do and lessen the pollution in our environment.

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