Thursday, June 28, 2007

It took me only 2 1/2 hours....

I was invited to go to a farewell party. My friend Nur was leaving back to the US with her family. I had to bring a dish. But I remember promising her a little poncho for her toddler and I never made it. Soooo, I had some peach and white yarn and I decided to see if I can make a poncho in the morning. Granny squares are so simple and fast. So I start crocheting at 8 am and finished at 10.30. My daughter Ameenah made the flower towards the end. At the same time she was cooking, and really I came at the end to drain the pasta and scoop out the sauce and get it ready to go. Mmm it tasted so good. She made Pasta with meat sauce. She did a great job, the food was a hit. So before I left I decided to take a little pic of my gift but I only had two models available. The kitty and the doggy. So here it is. By the way everyone when nuts over this little cutie. But I don't really have time to make and sell them. I am soo busy. I hope to have a good weekend with the kids. Hubby left back to the US to work for the summer, I am sad but must continue on and have some fun with the kids. My parents are coming in August!

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