Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Well I made some more of these toddler ponchos. Now everyone wantes one for there little girls. I am thinking, man, this is just granny squares. Really anyone can learn how to crochet. It's so easy. I got one order for a pink one. I made and sent it on its way with NO photo. What an idiot. But anyway, It looks much like the purple one in this photo but it has a hood. Really cute. Maybe I can get the owner to take a pic for me so I can post it. It gets cold in Egypt in the winter time. The homes are not insulated so either you wrap yourself up at night or you buy a heater. LOL. I was thinking of trying to design a poncho for boys, like baja. I remember I used to wear them in college. Let's see if I can.

But anyway, I have to get back to my market bag and current sock. I just joined Sock-it-to-me-loomers yahoo group. I hope that I can learn how to make really nice socks. I don't want to buy a small gauge because I knit socks with my Addy Turbos(my favs), but I did order the Knifty Knitter long looms and some spools. Check out "Loomlady" Blog, she has the cutest felted flowers and a cute little bunny. I want to try these out as soon as I get my spools. I can't wait.

Annies Attic has a sale. Time to stock up.

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