Friday, June 08, 2007

Busy..... haven't knitted lately.....

I can't believe its been so long I haven't posted. I have yet to tackle this heel which I know many have already done so. I took a break from arabic school, its been a month. I will begin as soon as I can get a tutor to come to my home. I really find it very stressfull dealing with these taxi drivers. Some of them can be really nasty and they can give you a hard time. But some are very nice. Either I will get a tutor to come to my home or get a driver to take me daily for four days a week. I miss school and I feel like I'm missing out. I can't wait to go back.
My hubby just put screens on the windows. Boy, am I happy. No mosquitos, no flies, no insects coming in my apartment. Plus I can leave the windows open and the house feels so cool. We went to Maadi City and bought a rug made by the Bedouins in Egypt and got these these awesome pillows made from it. The pillows are huge and we got 12 of them. I want to get another set to lean against and more and more plants for my living room. I have two balconies that has been neglected since the last dust storm hit. I have some ideas that I think might work but I still have to play with it. I love my pillows.

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