Sunday, May 13, 2007

Passed the test, Yipee!

Had my arabic exam today. I passed. Got an A and only one wrong. My daughter also got an A. We are so happy. We left class early and went to the City Center Mall. The Mall was nice but very expensive. Huge, with over 250 stores. The only thing missing was a Yarn Shop. Boo Hoo. But anyway, next time we are going to try to go to Serag Mall. The prices are cheaper and it won't hurt my pocket. I bought a nice tote bag to reward myself for my good grade. I am going to get something for my Ameenah since she did excellent. I have no homework today. so I am going to eat this little sandwich my hubby made for me and take a nap.

Then the rest of the day in between cooking dinner and other stuff, I will knit. Loomknit that is.

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noorutono said...

congrats and mabrook with ur result =)
btw if u are in search of a nice yarn shop in Nasr City; Egypt, u can find it in front of tauhid wan nour in makram abeed; be4 the heading to Serag Mall, the shop name is "Kullu Syai2" i just bought 200gr of yarn n couple of needles yesterday, and cant get my fingers started knitting... ahaks!~
am daydreaming of knitting something, but i dunno where to get a nice class... am learning myself from the net... hahahaha *sigh*