Friday, February 05, 2010

Just collecting my thoughts…..

So many things has happened lately I don't know where to start. We finally moved to Alexandria. The apartment is nice and big. Just when I thought we were going to settle in this place we have to leave. We have only been here one month. So now, I have this feeling of I have to pack again, how annoying. We found another apartment that is much better than this one, big with a nice balcony and lots of sun. Its so cold in this flat and dark. The sun rises on the left of the building and sets on the right. There is a huge building in front of us that blocks the sun all day. Why wasn't this thought about before? The new flat is close to the Arabic center. Two blocks away. That eliminates traveling by taxi or microbus which is a big headache. Five minutes to school and back, yipee!!! Meanwhile I have no freaken internet. I have to go to this cafe which is close by. But its nothing like having it at home. Oh, yes, that is how it started. We can't stay because we couldn't get internet. Then more reasons came after. Oh well. I having been knitting too. Finally took out my needles and hooks for some quick projects with Lion Brand Wool=ease yarn. I can't believe I found that yarn, in Egypt! I knitted a pair of cozy socks for my husband and a nice scully hat. Come to think of it, I wanted it for myself it was so cozy. I dug out a project I started in October. Crochet-knit scarf using that big yellow hook. Half way I did a little tunisian knit stitch that I wanted to try. I swear the scarf is 6 feet long. I folded up the ends and made pockets. That was a last minute idea that I saw in another pattern book. So you think its not cold in Egypt? Ha. Its chilly at night. I also knitted a hat right from a pattern that came with the yarn. Thank you Lion Brand for those free patterns. Really nice and warm. IMG_1567 IMG_1595 IMG_1607 IMG_1606 IMG_1610 IMG_1697 I just snapped this photo of myself nice and cozy! Now I have going make myself some cabled wrist warmers from Learn to knit cables on Looms. First I have to learn how to make the cable. I practiced long ago when I first got the book. Now since my hands are cold its time to make them. Its so much fun when you can stay up all night, watching Friends back to back and knitting. Great combination. While everyone is sleeping!!!! My hubby doesn't like when I do that. "How can you stay up all night and knit like that?" The answer is, "Because I want too!!!". I have taken pics of all my projects. As soon as I am done with the wrist warmers I have to finish my socks. They been in my bag for nearly two years or more. I can't keep track. I am hoping I can get a signal on my laptop so I can post this.

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