Friday, February 05, 2010

Ever given CPR to an animal?

Yes, I have to say yes to this.  Most frightening visit to the Vet happened yesterday.  I had to go and get the annual shots and clips my cats nails.  Technically she is still a kitten, only nine months old.  My husband has been bugging me to take her for so long.  So finally we got her an evening appointment.  My husband, Sumaiyah and I all went in a taxi.  Here I am thinking that this will go all so well.  I come in the office, Ginger doesn't want to come out of her carrier.  She was so afraid.  I never saw her so afraid.  Finally when I take her out, she clings to us for dear life.  She hisses at the vet and could have scratched her.  No way was she going to let anyone do anything, so the vet had to tranquilize her.  I was the only one holding her tightly, the vet injected her.  We waited until she fell asleep. Finally the vet took her out, clips her nails and gave her the vaccine.  They she asked me if I wanted to declaw her.  I was like in my mind, "Hell no".  I can't do that.  What if she escapes one day, she will be defenseless and will get killed.  My hubby was being such a pain, but I was like NO.  Anyway, she tells me that she will sleep for a while and the she may be a little tired and then she said that she was done.  Did she ask me to stay and wait, No.  That was it.  So we left with the Ginger sleeping in her carrier in a taxi.  Half way there she stops breathing.  My daughter noticed it right away.  We started panicking and crying.  OMG, Ginger is dead.  OMG, tears and cries.  Then suddenly I thought let me breathe in her mouth.  While I started the breaths, Sumaiyah called the vet and she said to massage her chest and I did.  Still breathing in her mouth.  My mind in thinking that she is dead.  Let me continue breathing in her mouth.  Then I saw a wink, continue breathing in her mouth.  Felt some air coming out, continue breathing.  We are already almost to the office again.  I lifted her out of the carrier and then I saw her chest rise.  We came out of the taxi and the outside air hit her and she opened her eyes more and moved her mouth and I said to Sumaiyah, She is alive.  We brought her in and the Vet opened her mouth and the cat meowed at her and tried to scratch her with her now cut nails.  Then she had the nerve to tell me that she forgot  to tell me to stay and try to wake the cat up.  Ugh.  I was so upset but glad that she was alive.  What an ordeal.  I was already flashing  thoughts of where I was going to bury her.  Egyptian cats are street cats here.  Some people feed them and some don't care.  They rather spend money on a Persian or Siamese cat.  Ginger is a beautiful mau cat.  How can this vet say that these cats are street cats and that no one wants them.  Not a nice thing to say.  Anyway, I had to get this out of my head.  Ginger is on my lap sleeping right now.  So glad it was not her time yet and she is still with us.  Love you Ginger!!1

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Babz said...

Thank goodness Ginger was Ok in the end, NO thanks to the vet but all because of you keeping your head and saving her life. You're an Earth Angel, not only for saving Ginger's life but also for saving her claws and standing up to the vet and saying NO! Bless you, and Ginger too, I hope she has a long and happy life with you and I hope you gave that vet a piece of your mind.