Friday, February 05, 2010

Just talking out loud……

Who the hell likes to move.  not me!  Furthermore my typing skills are suffering.  I tend to always have to press the back button lately.  Two days and we are out of this cave.  90% percent packed.  I am hoping that we can stay there for a long time. 

In the mean time I have been baking like a maniac.  I got stuck on a pattern and since then I had to pack it away.  I have my daughter Sumi as my assistant.  We have made cinnamon buns, pizza, nan indian bread, classic white bread and roti.  Of course I took pics  but its 2 am, I will dig them up tomorrow.  Its not like I can post this right away.  I have no internet, but I will in the new apartment!

The nan indian bread was the most one I had fun making.  I got the recipe from Weight watchers spicy cookbook.  Surprisingly it was a great recipe.  The only thing annoying was that I had to let it rise for five hours twice.  It was worth the work because the taste was awesome.  I never made a bread dough that included yogurt.  I packed everything except my bread ingredients and my baking supplies.  My husband announced, “There will be no baking tomorrow, we got to get out of this apartment!”.  I was like DARN! I guess I have to box everything in the morning. 





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