Sunday, September 18, 2011

Started on the EZ hat…

I started reading the Knitting Workshop.  So far I really like the book.  Its not a book that gives you patterns on each page.  Its more like a one on one class.  She gives you tips and tricks along the way and at the same time we are knitting. Right now I am knitting the hat.  I am up to color knitting.  Knitting alternate stitches with two colors. EZ says it’s the simplest ever.  I made a nice design where I am carrying over the yarn.  This is a technique that I was scared of doing because it always looks so sloppy, but now it looks great,  I am making the hat on circular needles. T he problem with me is that I had to use a smaller circular because I brought a short one.  I was at my mothers house at the time.  So now that  I am almost done the hardest part to figure out is the decrease.  After this, I won’t do this again.  Meaning, I will stick to the pattern and if I don’t have the tools I need, I just won’t start. Elizabeth provides very precise tricks to finish the cap with ease. 

Facebook is really boring, just thought I would say that. 

Anyway, I sewed up a neat bag for my long loom.  To make this short, I used the bottoms of my boys pant because the knees had holes.  Made them into squares and sewing them up.  Now all I is a soft lining to sew it on the inside.  I found a fleece baby blanket in the thrift shop, but I didn’t get it.  I will try to go back this week and get it.  I will post a pic of it once I am done.  I am thinking of decorating it, but I don’t know how.  Now all I need is to know is how to shine the  pins on my loomSad smile.

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