Thursday, September 01, 2011

Still here….in the Bronx…..

Its been a long time since my last post. The boys had a good school year and both passed into the next grade. My year was full of PTA meetings, trips and Yankee stadium and lots of volunteer work. The Bronx Little School is awesome, full of dedicated teachers and staff. I can say I had a very busy year. I didn’t do a lot of knitting but I was able to meet with the Parkchester Knitting and Crochet Club and talk and share. Members come and go but we always have a nice bunch ready to lend a helping hand. It’s my little 2 hour me time.


Ismaeel at Yankee Stadium.


Ismaeel on a fishing trip with his 2nd grade class and Ms. Noble.


Flashback, boys ages 1 and 3 at my sister’s house.


Parent trip to Ellis Island.  Sponsored by The Bronx Little School(awesome)!


Katherine and the cutest baby ever, with Sumi on the Statue Ferry.


Ismaeel with Ms. Noble (2nd grade)


Mrs. O’Conner (4th grade) with Ibraheem on Field Day.


Now its September, school starts on the 8th.  I have to go buy school supplies, 1 book bag, and 2 uniform shirts.  I need to get everything ready for next week.  Then I have to get a schedule for homeschool with my girls at home.

My family and I just finished fasting the month of Ramadan.  It was tough, but wonderful.  We celebrated Eid  with the morning prayer in Bronx Park next to the Bronx Zoo.  It was wonderful and peaceful.  We packed up a picnic  and went up to Rockland County State Park.  What a nice and clean park.  We cooked up a storm and had lost of refreshments and fruits.  We made bbq chicken, jerk chicken, and some apple rub chicken.  There was shrimp, steak, hotdogs, and hamburgers.  I made my famous rice and beans!  So Yummy!  By the time the afternoon came I was ready for a nap. 


Wilmarie, Sumaiyah and Ameenah


Ismaeel and Ibraheem at the Eid Salat.


My hubby cooking on the grill!


Ha, we got of pic of Juana smiling!


Nadirah and I.


Muneerah, Hanaan, Ibraheem, Ismaeel, Dawood and Yusuf.


Brothers cooking on the grill.



I was able to order lots of goodies.  I bought some yarn, a straw bag, patterns books and The Knitting Workshop by Elizabeth Zimmermann.  You know, she guarantee’s that you can become a master knitter by the time you finish her book.  Tell me.  Have you every read a guarantee like that? I haven’t.  So I ordered it on sale at Knitting warehouse for 11 bucks! Master Knitter here I come!  I am ready EZ!   I also got some new tips from Knit pics and lots of cute notions.  I love my notions.  So I don’t feel badly for buying stuff.  I took a bunch of pattern books and magazines that I didn’t want and gave them to my knitting and crocheting club.  They were eager to have them too.  I just had too much!  I had to make room for my new stuff. 


I got this huge straw tote bag from Lantern Moon for 10 bucks on Knit Picks.  What a deal!


The guarantee!!!!

Okay, I had so much more to add but didn’t want to stuff everything in one post.  I like the fact that I was able to have this blog since 2006.  I have so many memories.  I have wasted putting pics on Facebook .  So I am going to try to create slide shows so I can have them on my blog. Blogging is so much better.

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